Great Places to Relax and Reboot After a Long Work Week

I moved to Atlanta for work, and while I love my new job, I’m always in need of a little rest and relaxation by the time the weekend rolls around. As a wellness enthusiast, I understand the importance of finding ways to let your mind and body take a breather from time to time. Luckily, there are many great ways to unwind in Atlanta:

Meditation. As notes meditation has many benefits, including reducing stress, increasing creativity, and improving one’s ability to focus. There are several meditation centers in Atlanta. For example, Shambhala Meditation Center, Kadampa Meditation Center, and the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, all offer opportunities to learn more about meditation and to meditate in structured classes and workshops. You might also try one of the many meditation MeetUps the city has to offer.

Yoga. I’m a bit of a self-proclaimed yogi. I love yoga, yes, but more than that, I need to do it. It keeps me sane. For the uninitiated, like meditation, yoga is a great way to manage stress and anxiety, but it allows you to do so while also becoming physically stronger. One of the first things I did when I arrived in Atlanta was seek out a studio where I could continue my practice. If you aren’t sure where to go, CBS Atlanta offers its assessment of the city’s best studios. Here they are:

And if you’re a yogi on a budget, not to worry. provides information on locations around the city where local studios provide free classes and local studio, Nirvana Yoga, offers a $5 community class.

Sight-see. Whether you’re a newcomer like me or a local, there are many incredible attractions in Atlanta and some are surprisingly relaxing. For example, suggests visiting the Georgia Aquarium or Centennial Olympic Park, when you’re in need of some down time. also offers some relaxing outdoor options. For example, you could stroll through the city’s botanical garden, watch the sunset from Jackson Street Bridge, or let the animals at Zoo Atlanta lift your spirits.

Atlanta is an amazing city, but sometimes city life can be stressful. When you seek out places to unwind, you can experience ATL with a whole new perspective.

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